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2016 Club Series Racing

from:  Timothy Crowell, Race Committee Chairman


Skipper’s meetings will be at 9:30 AM on the deck at LHL on the scheduled club race day unless changed by the race committee chairman prior to race day. Races should start at approx 10:00 AM or as soon as all registered boats are at the start line. No race will start after 3:00 PM.


The race course will be Triangle using established navigation buoys as shown on the race course map.  The goal is to have the duration of each race to be approx. one to two hours. If the wind dies the race will be called at 12:30 and boats will be awarded their position on the course.  We will incorporate at least one distance race that will encompass the same time frame (10:30 am – 3:00 pm). The course will be determined at the mandatory Skippers' meeting on the day of the race.


To qualify for the KLSC Club Series, each boat must race in at least 60% of the Club Series races with the same boat.  The scoring will be done by awarding points for each individual race in accordance with RRS 90.3 (a). 


A 2016 PHRF form must be on file prior to participation.  These will be available at each event throughout the season. A signature attesting that your boat is currently insured with a valid third-party liability insurance is a part of the PHRF form.  The skipper is required to be present at the Skipper’s Meeting as a safety condition of participation in all club series events and KLSC Regattas.


The Committee boat for each race will be on a volunteer or assigned basis.  The committee boat will be awarded their average place for the season for the day they are committee. 


A form that will simplify the handicap time of each boat will be provided to the committee boat. In essence, the committee will only need to record the race start time and the finish time for each boat. The race chairmen will figure the handicap and corrected times.


PHRF forms will be provided at the spring seminar and throughout the sailing season. Questions may be addressed to:

Timothy Crowell 




I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the PHRF Committee of changes made to this boat which may effect handicap adjustments or would alter her from a “standard boat”.  I further declare that information provided is true and accurate.  I hereby attest that this yacht is in seaworthy condition and that I am responsible for its safety and the safety of my crew.   I assume responsibility for the conduct of my crew.  The decision to race is my choice and in doing so I assume all risk of injury or damage and agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and other rules that govern each event.  My boat is currently insured with a valid third-party liability insurance.



Kentucky Lake Sailing Club Race Course



This course and race series is designed to introduce skippers and crews to the sport of sailboat racing as well as develop and improve sailing skills.  By practice sailing around the course skippers and crews can work on: sailing all points of wind, tacking, turning on specific marks, GPS and compass navigation as well as single-handling boats and / or crew coordination. 


Course Description: 

The course, shown on the attached map, is approximately 5 nautical miles in length.  The start – finish line and turning marks are USCG permanent channel markers.  GPS and compass navigation information* is provided on the map.  The coordinates and compass bearings were checked February 20 2016. Compass bearings are based on true north.  By using USCG markers the course is available any time for skippers and crew to practice.  



Club Race 1 4-2-2016


Club Race 2 6-11-2016


Club Race 3 7-16-2016


Club Race 4 8-13-2016


Club Race 5 9-10-2016



Announcements are sent in advance via email notifying participants if a race will be held or not.  The starting time is 10:00 AM in front of Kentucky Lake dam.  Racers are assigned specific times (handicap) to cross the start line based on their boats PHRF and performance in previous series races.  The race lasts approximately 1 ½ hours depending on wind conditions.  If the wind diminishes and boats stall the race is concluded at 12:30 PM.  Racers are assigned their place based on position with other boats on the course.  Contact Tim Crowell (Psychotic Squirrel) for more information on starting times and racing rules. 



During races monitor marine channel 72


Tim Crowell

Home: 270-821-6856

Cell: 270-836-6320


*GPS coordinates and compass headings were obtained using a Garman Map-60 handheld GPS unit. The map was generated using Garman mapsource and Arc-View 3.3 topographic mapping software.  Water depth was not included. Skippers should consult USCG navigation charts for this information. This map is intended to be as accurate as possible as of the preparation date.


Sailing has inherent dangers and risks.  Skippers and crews should practice safe boating at all times.  

KLSC 2016 Club Series